Apocalyptic Pests: Locust Swarms Hit Asia And South America, Affecting Millions


  The authorities identified the insect to be yellow-spined bamboo locust, a species of grasshoppers that inhabits in southeastern Asia. The picture shows the bamboo-feeding insect

See the source image  Image result for locust Plague Buenos Aires

So, I got side-tracked by the possible conflict between China and India for a while and didn’t keep up with the Public Health side for a while. I kept an eye on the ongoing Locust Swarm out of East Africa, but didn’t explore the ongoing situation like I normal do. Lo and behold, the East African Locust Plague continues to move and has reached Nepal after crossing parts of India.  The question is, does the Plague continue into the other Countries in the area? If so, Bangladesh, Butan, China and Burma will be next.

Now China, on top of everything else, might get hard hit by the Desert Locust swarms out of East Africa AND another Locust Swarm out of Laos. This swarm is composed of of Yellow Ridge Bamboo Locust (pictured above) and, as the name implies, eats bamboo.

So that’s TWO Locust Plagues in the world ongoing.

Now I’ve learned of a THIRD Locust Plague going on in the World and it’s in South America. All I can find out about this Locust Plague is that the species is called a “short-horned” locust – which is a generic name for all grasshoppers. This one started in Paraguay, crossed into Argentina and threatens Uruguay and Brazil. They seem to think they can handle this Locust Plague and that it’s not too unusual in South America to  have Locust problems.

Now we have the ongoing Wuhan/SARS-Cov-2/Covid-19 virus debacle continuing to disrupt everything, we have the “Normal” diseases (Dengue, Malaria, Ebola and many others) and now 3 Locust Plagues ongoing. I can see major food and food distribution problems going on for quite some time – espicially with the political turmoil and ongoing threats of war.

More info: Food Insecurity – Locust Plague



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