Argentina says hit by second locust swarm, farmers on alert – Reuters


From the article posted on 21 July 2020:

“BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Grains powerhouse Argentina is getting hit by a second swarm of locusts arriving from neighboring Paraguay, Argentina’s Senasa agricultural health inspection agency said on Tuesday, putting farmers on notice about possible crop damage.”,notice%20about%20possible%20crop%20damage.

My first post that mentions the South American Locust Plague was on 12 July 2020 and is located at: Apocalyptic Pests: Locust Swarms Hit Asia And South America, Affecting Millions

My second post on this subject was 2 days ago (22 July 2020) is located at: Locust plague spreads to Europe as Sardinia sees worst attack in 70 years, Italy

Obviously it is going to be a bumper year for locust plagues. On top of Wuhan/Covid-19/SARS-Co-2 this year is going to go down in history.

My page: Food Insecurity – Locust Plague


Locust plague spreads to Europe as Sardinia sees worst attack in 70 years, Italy

  Locust plague spreads to Europe as Sardinia sees worst attack in 70 years, Italy

The WatchersFrom 07/22/20

In Sardegna le cavallette sono di nuovo una piagaAGI Agenzia Italia –                 From July 16, 2020        

“In Sardinia the grasshoppers are again a scourge” (Computer translated)

Cavallette Sardegna calamita

© M.Ciftici/ Anadolu Agency/via Afp

This is my 11th post about the ongoing Locust Plague going on in the World today and today the Locust Plague has a good chance of reaching mainland Europe. This makes 4 (four) Locust Plagues in theWorld as of right now.

  1. Africa – Middle East – Central Asia – China (?) – Desert Locust
  2. China – Yellow Ridge Bamboo Locust
  3. South America – Latin America – North America (?) – Schistocerca Cancellata
  4. Europe – Sardinia (as of this date) – Desert Locust from #1

Update – South America (#3)

The Big Wobble : A new locust swarm arrives in Argentina from Paraguay, swarms moving north into Brazil: Meanwhile risk of swarm migration from the Horn of Africa prevails: China is the latest country infected. – posted 07/22/20

Update – China (#2) 

Agriculture Ministry dispatches team to control locust plague in Yunnan – posted 07/20/20

These Locust Plagues, along with the Wuhan/Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2 pandemic effects, are drastically reducing food stuffs worldwide and will lead to famines in the not-to-distant future. I don’t think there is any question that it will happen.

The Problem? Money! Money that would have been spent to control the Locust Plagues, some of which are almost a yearly occurance, has had to go in fighting Wuhan/Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2. Even “First” World countries are having major economic problems right now due to the Wuhan/Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2 pandemic so just think of what “Third” World countries are facing now.

While not a fan of the United Nations, World Health Organization and so on,  they are predicting the upcoming global food issues and I agree with them that it is not going to be nice.

UN warns ‘food systems are failing’ amid coronavirus pandemic | Fox Newsposted 06/10/20

Global hunger increasing even before pandemic, UN warns, putting Zero Hunger 2030 target in doubt | The Independentposted 07/13/20

UN report sends ‘sobering message’ of deeply entrenched hunger globally | | UN Newsposted 07/13/20

In other words – it will take the World several years to get over 2020 – if ever – and that’s only if there isn’t another pandemic or major war on top of Wuhan/Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2 and the ongoing Locust Plagues.


Food Insecurity – Locust Plague

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Apocalyptic Pests: Locust Swarms Hit Asia And South America, Affecting Millions


  The authorities identified the insect to be yellow-spined bamboo locust, a species of grasshoppers that inhabits in southeastern Asia. The picture shows the bamboo-feeding insect

See the source image  Image result for locust Plague Buenos Aires

So, I got side-tracked by the possible conflict between China and India for a while and didn’t keep up with the Public Health side for a while. I kept an eye on the ongoing Locust Swarm out of East Africa, but didn’t explore the ongoing situation like I normal do. Lo and behold, the East African Locust Plague continues to move and has reached Nepal after crossing parts of India.  The question is, does the Plague continue into the other Countries in the area? If so, Bangladesh, Butan, China and Burma will be next.

Now China, on top of everything else, might get hard hit by the Desert Locust swarms out of East Africa AND another Locust Swarm out of Laos. This swarm is composed of of Yellow Ridge Bamboo Locust (pictured above) and, as the name implies, eats bamboo.

So that’s TWO Locust Plagues in the world ongoing.

Now I’ve learned of a THIRD Locust Plague going on in the World and it’s in South America. All I can find out about this Locust Plague is that the species is called a “short-horned” locust – which is a generic name for all grasshoppers. This one started in Paraguay, crossed into Argentina and threatens Uruguay and Brazil. They seem to think they can handle this Locust Plague and that it’s not too unusual in South America to  have Locust problems.

Now we have the ongoing Wuhan/SARS-Cov-2/Covid-19 virus debacle continuing to disrupt everything, we have the “Normal” diseases (Dengue, Malaria, Ebola and many others) and now 3 Locust Plagues ongoing. I can see major food and food distribution problems going on for quite some time – espicially with the political turmoil and ongoing threats of war.

More info: Food Insecurity – Locust Plague



Some Chinese media disseminate information about reported cases of unknown pneumonia in Kazakhstan that seems to be more deadly than coronavirus.


“The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially declares that this information IS NOT CONSISTENT WITH REALITY.” – from the article.

So, The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims that the news reports from sources such as The South China Morning Post and Reuters is “Fake News”.

Will keep an eye on it.

628 Kazakhstanis died of pneumonia in June – Новости Казахстана – свежие, актуальные, последние новости об о всем

  From The South China Morning Post

Story published on – published on 3 July 2020

Post that started me looking into this “Unknown Pneumonia’ today that I shared a short time ago.  It was a warning to Chinese Citizens in Kazakhstan (several whom have died from this “Unknown Pneumonia”. Somehow the South China Morning Post got a hold of the warning and published it today.

‘Unknown pneumonia’ deadlier than coronavirus sweeping Kazakhstan, Chinese embassy warns | South China Morning Post

The first news reports I could find about this came from Reuters on 25 June 2020 and republished by The National Post on the same day.

Kazakh capital reports surge in pneumonia cases – Reuters

Also from Reuters on 25 June 2020

Kazakh health minister resigns amid coronavirus crisis – Reuters

Since the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan formally announced this “Unknown Pneumonia” today, several blogs/specific sites have begun investigating this disease:

Community Acquired Pneumonia – Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and environs. – FluTrackers News and Information