Hundreds of billions of locusts swarm in East Africa – BBC News


Reuters  – Image caption A man attempts to fend off a swarm of                                                               desert locusts at a ranch near the town of Nanyuki, in Laikipia county, Kenya

The BBC has put together pictures of the Locust Plague striking East Africa and elsewhere right now. Besides COVID-19, the world will have to deal with the food insecurity issues this plague is going to cause in the near future.

locust 2

Reuters –  Image caption Men try to repel locusts flying over grazing land                                                     in Lemasulani village, Samburu county, Kenya 

It’s hard to image the scope of this Locust Plague without seeing pictures such as these.

locust 3.jpg

EPA – Image caption A man runs through a desert locust swarm in the                                                     bush near Enziu, Kitui county, about 200km (124 miles) east of the capital, Nairobi

The article to see these and other pictures:

Link to my page of this Plague:

Food Insecurity – Locust Plague

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