Media Driven Panic!


I started hearing about a “New” Infectious Disease coming out of China in December of last year. I followed the few news reports available from China until it broke out into the World media. Suddenly, it was everywhere.  I started talking about it in early January and watched it quite closely. This was it! I told myself this was the “Disease X” they were worried and afraid of! NOT!

I quickly noticed that this was not “Disease X” feared for so long.  The numbers weren’t adding up. In the “News”, the numbers of those exposed quickly surpassed the number of those actually having it – numbers of those exposed in the thousands, the numbers of those actually having it in the hundreds.  Intial mortality rates were less than half of the number of those dying of flu every year. Then, finally, it was noted that those of us who are older with underlying conditions were the ones doing the dying. This was something completely different than the “Spanish Flu” of 1918 which seemed to like as younger crowd. Yet, in the “News”, this became the comparison event. Then most of those infected (no clear statistics available yet but maybe between 80-90%) started being discharged from medical care. Some of the survivors actually stated it was like having a bad “Cold”.

And yet, the “Media” is driving it into a panic.

Face it, how many times can you hear “8,000 exposed and 2 actually having it” without starting to think “What the hell is going on?” How many times can you hear “8,000 exposed, 2 have it and 1 dead” without wondering whats going on in the “News”? The problem is that most people aren’t thinking logically about this and only reacting to the panic the “News” is spreading.

You don’t need 6 months of toilet paper in case you get “COVID-19” and yet stores are selling out of it.  You don’t need every bottle of hand sanitizer you can find – fist fights are breaking out between customers panicing to buy every bottle and every roll they can get their hands on. No, drinking or soaking yourself in bleach is not going to prevent you from getting the illiness – it will kill you quicker than the actual disease. Wearing a facemask may make you feel better, but it’s not going to stop the spread of COVID-19. If you want to walk around in a full hazmat suit, be my guest, but you’re going to look very stupid.

Yet most of the “News” organizations keep feeding into the panic. Standard pattern – get a story and push it, push it it, push it – sensationalize it to the max.

Finally, some people are starting to promote the truth – stop panicing, you are not going to die from COVID-19.

Philip Johnson wrote an opinion piece in “The Telegraph” on March 3rd entitled “The big danger of coronavirus is that we panic ourselves into a greater crisis.”

And that is what has happened – pushed by “Media” darlings.

The major problem from all of this is, once this has calmed down, everyone will realize the “Media” pushed us to panic and most won’t like it. The “Media” IS NOT very respected right now and this will drive the favorable rate even lower. They’ve also started making this about politics again instead of pushing togetherness against a “common foe” I guess with the impeachment debacle over, they’re taking a different path to push their agenda and to hell with who gets hurt.

There will be other Illinesses to talk about this year andno one will believe “The Media” to be honest about it.  I’ve been following the Hepatitis A outbreak in the U.S. for about a year and a half now and yet they won’t talk about it.  Dengue is going to be big this year in the U.S.- we’re talking a million or two cases around the world right now, people are dying of it, yet they’re not taking about.


“The Yucatan Times” published the following article on March 6th,  “In Latin America, Dengue is deadlier than Coronavirus – The Yucatan Times”

But have you heard anyone else talking about this?

There’s a plague of Desert Locust sweeping across Eastern Africa, up into the Middle East and maybe into China – have you heard about it?

DL497riskE farm

A lot of people are going to go hungry because of this!

There’s a lot going on in the World that we here in the U.S. don’t hear about because we are at the mercy of bib “Media” companies. Keep an open mind when listening to anyone and do your own research.

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