Update on the Locust Outbreak


Locusts in Kenya. East African countries should brace themselves for a second                                 round of invasion by the desert locusts in the next one to two months, Kenya’s                              Ministry of Agriculture has warned. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

One map of the areas suffering from this Outbreak:

On February 3rd, I posted a blog entitled “Worst Desert Locust Outbreak in 25 Years”. Since then the area suffering from this almost biblical plague, has increased dramatically and is showing signs of continuing to spread.  A spread that will only grow as the next generation of the Locust hatch and take flight. As the “East African” states:

Second wave of locust invasion to hit in two months 


It does not look good for some of the most food insecure areas of the World and now throw in a World panicing over the Covid19 coronovirus and it does look like it is becoming almost biblical in nature. Add all of the political turmoil and wars in these areas to the mix and we are looking at a disaster.

Recent articles for more information:

Asia Album: Locusts swarming raises concerns in Pakistan – Xinhua | English.news.cn


‘Nothing left’: Kenyan mother’s fields stripped by locust swarm | The Star Online


South China may be invaded by locusts | The Star Online


Still haven’t heard much from our great News Orgamizations about this. Maybe when people start dying….

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