Why Study Bat Coronaviruses in China Or Wuhan Anyone?

The one thing I would like to stress is that the Mortality rate (known at this time) for Wuhan (CoviD-19) is LESS than the Mortality for Influenza (Flu) that circles the globe yearly. Do not let the “News” freak you out.
On January 8, 2020, I posted my first blog about this coronavirus:  “Wuhan Syndrome.                        The Next “Spanish Flu”, S.A.R.S or M.E.R.S.?” and this was before it really became bad.                      I’ve been following it for a while now.
Why Study Bat Coronaviruses in China? Article from Viruses                                                                 Viruses 2019, 11, 210; doi:10.3390/v11030210   http://www.mdpi.com/journal/viruses
Yi Fan 1,2 , Kai Zhao 1,2, Zheng-Li Shi 1,2 and Peng Zhou 1,2,*
1 CAS Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety,Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Wuhan 430071, China; yifanfs0224@163.com (Y.F.); chiukal@163.com (K.Z.);
zlshi@wh.iov.cn (Z.-L.S.)
2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
* Correspondence: peng.zhou@wh.iov.cn
https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A7eb65c1d-c70f-4a0f-893d ab3c07754f71
From the Article:
“Thus, it is highly likely that future SARS- or MERS-like coronavirus outbreaks will originate         from bats, and there is an increased probability that this will occur in China. Therefore,                     the investigation of bat coronaviruses becomes an urgent issue for the detection of early         warning signs, which in turn minimizes the impact of such future outbreaks in China. The   purpose of the review is to summarize the current knowledge on viral diversity, reservoir           hosts, and the geographical distributions of bat coronaviruses in China, and eventually we              aim to predict virus hotspots and their cross- species transmission potential.”
This Article from Viruses was published March 2019 – just nine months before the news                         of the new coronavirus broke.
It must be noted that China is not the only place in which bats are or are considered possible “Reservoirs” for diseases – and not just Coronaviruses. Nipah, Ebola, Rabies, Marburg, Menga, Hendra and H.I.V. are just a few of the other diseases known or believed to come from contact with bats or their droppings. China is unique in the SHEER volumn of people living in close proxinity to each other. Wuhan, the supposed starting place of this disease has 19 MILLION inhabitants.  It is the Capital Cityof Hubie Province with a total of 58 MILLION inhabitants. That is a lot of people.
The other consideration is the dietary and sanitation habits of the people in other countries.  Here we tend to eat processed foods more with strict sanitation laws governing how such foods are prepared and displayed – in other parts of the world what is frequently called “Bush Meat” is the only option for food or is considered a special treat. Hence, “Bat Soup” as an example:

See the source image

Is bat soup sold in Wuhan market in China behind Coronavirus outbreak? | The Times of India

“The latest outbreak – the scope of which is still unfolding – has led to calls inside and outside of China for better regulations or even an end to this kind of culinary adventurism. While turtle and boar meat are not uncommon in Chinese restaurants, game meats such as civet cats, snakes or pangolins tend to be considered specialties only in some regions. Their consumption is driven as much by the desire to flaunt wealth as by a mix of superstition and belief about the health benefits of wildlife.”
“This is where you get new and emerging diseases that the human population has never seen before,” said Kevin J. Olival, a biologist and vice president of research with EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit research organisation, who has tracked previous outbreaks.
Above Quotes are from:
In Chinese markets packed with wildlife, a stew of emerging viruses, East Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times
One thing you learn when studying these types of diseases is that pinning down the exact “Reservoir” host or mode of transmission of the disease is frequently never precisely found -suspected, but not nailed down precisely. Some examples of this with CoviD-19:
Snakes could be the original source of the new coronavirus outbreak in China
China scientists identify pangolin as possible coronavirus host, East Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


The genome sequence of the novel coronavirus strain separated from pangolins in the study was 99 per cent identical to that from infected people, Xinhua reported.PHOTO: REUTERS
or even
Can the coronavirus spread through bathroom pipes? Experts are investigating in Hong Kong
Another major consideration of the current pandemic is how much this is going to cost economically in the long run.  Yes, the human toll is going be significant just from the sheer number of those who will get ill. The baseline for Wuhan seems to be between 2-5% mortality rate, lower than the yearly flu mortality rate,  but with no vaccine and a high infectious rate, the numbers could be staggering. Economically, this could be the starting point of a world-wide depression.
South Korea ‘all out’ to contain virus outbreak, vows to stabilize market – Reuters
Bad timing: New virus poses threat to fragile world economy:The Asahi Shimbun
Chinese markets plunge as rising virus death toll fuels fears for global growth – Reuters
Coronavirus hits trade fairs, conferences – Reuters
Just a few of the financial headlined
Next, I would like to mention the growing “Conspiracy” Theories spreading all over the place. Almost from Day One of the outbreak these theories appeared.  The first one I heard was from Anti-vaccine activists claiming it was all a hoax to force people to get an already existing Vaccine for Wuhan disease. Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundation, which stresses vaccines, were involved in it.
Now, it was a pathogen that “escaped” from a Bioweapons lab in Wuhan”
Chinese Netizens and Expert Suspect Wuhan Bioresearch Lab Is the Source of the Coronavirus
The Big Wobble : Coronavirus: Day 40: Feb 8th: White House To Investigate Whether 2019-nCoV Was Bio-Engineered: China to round-up ALL suspected coronavirus patients and put them in quarantine camps: ‘Wartime conditions’
Chinese ambassador calls U.S. senator’s coronavirus weapons research comment “absolutely crazy” – Xinhua | English.news.cn
As you can see, people tend to believe the worst of dictatorships. Add te fact that Westerners really have a hard time understanding not only the mindset of the Chinese Government, but also of individual Chinese Citizens and problems are going to occur.
China spurned CDC offer to send team to help contain coronavirus: US Health Secretary | Fox News
How China Is Working to Quarantine the Truth About the Coronavirus – Defense One
Opinion: Western media should quit racist reporting as China fights epidemic – Xinhua | English.news.cn
and today
Terry Glavin: Why we can’t believe China on coronavirus | Vancouver Sun
I must admit some issues where I wondered why Orientals were so different because of the following
I remember the “incident” in the private pond in Gambrill, Maryland. Someone from Asia, thinking they had medicinal powers to heal the sick, got their hands on some Snakehead Fish.  Their plan was to feed their sick relative Snakehead Soup (remember Bat Soup from above?) to treat the illness. The relative recovered before they made the soup, so they released the Non-Native Preditory Fish into a private pond where it thrived. The State of Maryland wound up poisoning the pond to kill everything in it – they were that afraid of Snakeheads getting into Maryland Waters. It killed the pond, but the Snakeheads still got into the ecosystem.


Recently (January 27th) the below incident occurred:
Dulles CBP Intercepts Dead Birds in Passenger Baggage from China | U.S. Customs and Border Protection


The package of pet food from
China consisted of tiny dead birds.
Okay enough!
Everyone please keep calm about Wuhan (CoviD-19) coronavirus. This IS NOT the pandemic that’s going to kill everyone.  As with everything, the “Press” and governments are making it into a crisis for their own needs and not ours.


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