Widespread person-to-person outbreaks of hepatitis A across the United States | CDC

Data illustrated in this map can be found in the table found directly below

State-Reported Hepatitis A Outbreak Cases as of September 6, 2019


An Outbreak I have been following for 3 years now – literally “Tilting at Windmills”.

See the source image

The Hepatitis A Outbreak rarely, if ever, gets National Media Coverage. Florida alone, during this Outbreak, has had over 3000 cases and yet, nothing is said and there is no National Outcry about people gettig sick, and some are dying, with a preventable disease. Plus, they are spreading the disease to individuals who are NOT “at risk of catching it.

Sort of reminds me on how the National Media and the National Politicians aren’t discussing the Homeless Crisis.

Wonder Why?

For further information on Hepatitis A, check out my Page at Doc’s Top Ten  Killers Hemorrhagic Viruses:

Doc’s Top Ten Killer Hemorrhagic Viruses

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