Public Health Disaster from Earthquakes Just Waiting to Occur.


For several years now, on Facebook, I’ve shared a lot of information about earthquakes and volcanoes. Over the past several weeks, there have been some major events concerning these Natural Disasters and the numbers of active/starting to become active volcanoes is increasing and there are a lot of upper magnitude earthquakes occurring.  Now California has become active – some have even predicted an active volcano somewhere in California in the next 30 years.

From my standpoint, this is just a MAJOR Public Health Disaster waiting to occur anywhere on the West Coast of the United States.

On my June 27th post, I talked about the double digit homelessness increases up and down the West Coast and how the politicians couldn’t be trusted to remedy the situation.

When the Governor of the State of California blames Texas for the increase in California’s hemelessness population, you know they can’t be trusted.

When the President of Los Angelos City Council talks about importing a “Army of Cats” to remedy the rodent problem causing the TYPHUS outbreak, you know they can’t be trusted – if not downright stupid.

When they are crying about as $15.00 an hour living wage to help people out of poverty, but the average real “Living Wage” needed to get an apartment is $61.00 an hour in San Francisco and L.A. is over $50.00 an hour then you know you can’t trust the politicians.

Some of the recent articles about San Franciso:

Homeless Population Surges Across San Francisco Bay Area – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/18/19

$61/Hour Wage Needed To Rent 2-Bedroom In San Francisco, $54/Hour In San Jose – CBS San Francisco – posted 6/21/19

San Francisco’s Homeless Population Sees Double-Digit Growth With More Living In Cars – CBS San Francisco – posted 7/5/19

Recent articles about L.A.:

Healing the Sick Among LA’s Homeless: Expert Perspectives – posted 6/19/19

How to Solve Los Angeles’s Homelessness Crisis – The Atlantic – posted 6/19/19

‘If Not Us, Who?’: Dr. Drew Urges Clinicians to Speak Up on West Coast Infectious Disease Crisis – posted 6/19/19

Leader of recall effort against L.A. mayor: City leaving people ‘on street to die’ by not fixing homelessness crisis | Fox News – posted 6/20/19

What I am trying to say is that IF the “BIG ONE” occurs, in California (or even Oregon or Washington) you are talking about around a QUARTER of a MILLION Homeless casualties BEFORE getting to the Non-Homeless Casualties. 

No system can handle that.

Page info:

Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas

Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas




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