Urgent consultations in Washington, Moscow on reported US-Russian submarines in firefight – DEBKAfile – posted 7/4/19


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This is where things get a little freaky – an undersea battle between U.S. and Russian Submarines and the U.S. sub lost.

I remember the News Reports on T.V. about the Vice-President’s abrupt schedule change and the Russian Submarine Fire. Now seeing this it makes you wonder.

I don’t know this DEBKAfile site and this is the first time I’ve heard of them so I can not judge it’s accuracy or if it is one of the “FAKE NEWS sites” we hear so much about. Here is what is on their site under “ABOUT DEBKAfile”. I will let you judge this yourself.

About DEBKAfile

DEBKAfile was founded by a team of journalists in June 2000 as an independent Internet Web site, providing an intelligence and security news service.

DEBKAfile pioneered intensive news coverage and analysis of global terror before it hit the front pages. Indeed, our profound knowledge of the subject gave DEBKAfile‘s earliest readers advance notice of 9/11 and its target, the World Trade Center.

It has evolved as a niche site specializing in Strategic Analysis. We have stayed a step ahead of Islamist terrorism up until the present day, and provided the same forward-looking coverage on the Iranian nuclear program and its links with North Korea; Al Qaeda’s expansion into North and East Africa and latterly, Syria; the recent convulsions in Arab lands; the rise of radical Islam; shifting Middle East alliances and conflicts; big power rivalries in these volatile regions; trends in oil and energy; and new military weapons and tactics.

Our unique angle on these subjects – and strong intelligence dimension – has earned DEBKAfile a global reputation and a steady readership – which skyrockets in times of crisis.

DEBKAfile and DEBKA Weekly:







This was also picked up by another site “UA Wire” and here is their story:

UAWire – Israeli media: Russian and US submarines clash in Alaska – posted 7/4/19


They also use the DEBKAfile information and I cannot vouch for the material. Urkranian site, I believe, and we know what they think about the Russians

We know things happen in the World that are never discussed – which is why Tom Clancy books were so popular. If true, we might be looking at something rather serious here. Stay tuned.

Link to my page: WAR – Is It Coming?

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