In Public Health, Trust No Politician

I started this blog because I felt that Public Health Issues were being overlooked or, even worse, being used as a  Political Weapon by many Politicians to score points against other Politicians.  Also, most PEOPLE today care little about Public Health Issues unless it directly affected them – there is little “For the Greater Good” out there – only “What’s in it for ME”. Little did I know that it is even worse than I first believed.

I was a Baltimore Police Officer in the 1980’s and became hardened to the daily life of trash-filled alleys, homelessness, drug usage, filthy housing and rampant disease. In the 2000’s, I was the DIrector of Field Operations (Safety and Sanitation) Charles Village Community Benefits District and found that it was even worse than it was before – especially in trash piles, rodents, homelessness and filthy housing. Baltimore’s nickname was the “Syphilis Capital” of the Country and AIDs/HIV hit the City big time.

Baltimore was, and still is, a One Political Party Town and the “Old Guard” political types run the town.  Graft, Corruption and the “My way or the Highway” are the prevalent methods of Government. Add a “Press” that is also a One Party Entity to the mix and nothing will ever change.

So, I moved to a smaller town away from Baltimore and found that it is not much different than Baltimore. One Party Political Rule, Services and the like used as personal toys of the politicians and a “Press” that does what the Politicians tell them to do. Can’t get away from it.

Background explained and now Politicians and Public Health in the extreme:

This is about California and the rest of the West  Coast States (Oregon and Washington). Personally, I feel that those 3 states are THE classic examples of One Party Politics and the death of Public Health. One Party politics that try to control the entire narrative of what EVERYONE in those states is suppose to think and keep trying to export failed policies to the rest of the Country. The problems are many:

         ‘If Not Us, Who?’: Dr. Drew Urges Clinicians to Speak Up on West Coast                             Infectious Disease Crisis – posted 6/19/19


         Overall infectious disease articles:

         Homeless Camps Are Infectious Disease Time Bombs | American Council on                Science and Health – posted 4/24/19


          Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a               New Epidemic | NBC Southern California – posted 5/21/19


There are just to many issues to discuss in detail about what is going on in the Cities – especially those on the West Coast. What it breaks down to is that NO politician wants to address the problems because of the political cost. I’ve heard about bits and pieces of last night’s first Democratic debates and I don’t  think it was even mentioned – I refuse to watch ANYTHING political, so I can’t say for sure, but this articles did appear within the past week:

Homelessness is a crisis in some parts of the country. Why are 2020 candidates mostly ignoring it? | The Seattle Times – posted 6/13/19

The Seattle Times is not a “Conservative” Newspaper in any stretch of the imagination.

Overall, all Politicians blame other Politicians for the problems. In fact, the other day, I heard the Governor of California blame the State of Texas for California’s homeless problem. Scratching my head bout that one. All politicians want to be re-elected because it is a cushy job with lots of status, benefits and so on.  It’s not about “US” it’s about “THEM” – just remember that.

See my page at:  Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas  for more information

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