A Spreading Plague: Lessons and Recommendations for Responding to a Deliberate Biological Event | Analysis | NTI – posted 6/17/19



The Actual Report (PDF)

Report – A Spreading Plague: Lessons and Recommendations for Responding to a Deliberate Biological Event | Analysis | NTI


I’m not saying that I expect something to happen in the immediate future, but enough research is going on that I can forsee the “possiblity” of something occurring, at some point, because of the ongoing hatreds and conflicts occurring as we speak.

Some of the more recent articles along this line:

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New research examines preparedness for smallpox attack – Homeland Preparedness News – posted 6/15/19


For further information, look at these links to my pages:

A Study Of History

Research Papers and Documents

WAR – Is It Coming?







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