Los Angelos and “Filth” Diseases? Typhoid Fever Now

Today, this article appeared in my feed:

LAPD employee being treated for salmonella typhi, 1 other shows symptoms | abc7.com – Typhoid – posted 5/30/19


Salmonella typhi is Typhoid Fever

L.A. is having some major problems that go back at least several years and seem to be getting worse.

Rats and fleas have infested LA’s City Hall | Daily Mail Online –posted 2/9/19


Typhus Outbreak Strikes Los Angeles, but the City Is Not Alone: Public Health Watch – posted 2/24/19


Long before City Hall rats, L.A. has struggled with the rise of typhus – Los Angeles Times – posted 2/24/19


Invader mosquitoes expected to arrive early – and in droves – this year in Los Angeles and Orange counties – Press Enterprise – posted 3/25/19


LA Homeless Encampment Cleanups: Are Millions of Tax Dollars Being Wasted? | NBC 7 San Diego – posted 5/15/19


Unknown ‘infestation’ closes LAPD jail – Daily News – posted 5/15/19


Unknown Infestation Prompts Closure of LAPD Pacific Station Jail Indefinitely | KNX 1070 – posted 5/15/19


Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a New Epidemic | NBC Southern California – posted 5/21/19


Maybe it is time for L.A. to get it’s own house in order – along with several other big Cities. More info on my page Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas.

Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas

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