Hepatitis A Outbreak!


Imagine having a meal at your favorite take-out or restaurant only to find out later that one of the workers is infected with Hepatitis A. That’s what is happening and the “News” isn’t talking about it. It is an OUTBREAK and will get worse.

For the month of May, as of 4:00pm Eastern Time on 30 May, I’ve found included the 14 articles I’ve found concerning Hepatitis A and I can almost guarantee that I’ve missed a few. These 14 are only from May and the months before have as many, if not more cases. Who knows how bad it will get, but the “News” isn’t talking about it.

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VACCINE Preventable Diseases In The News

National hepatitis A outbreak spreads to Virginia – Virginia Mercury – posted 5/1/19


Taco Bell worker tests positive for hepatitis A, employees had to be vaccinated – posted 5/2/19


Number of Hepatitis A cases in La. up to 148 – posted 5/5/19


Florida: Hepatitis A outbreak tops 1,000 cases for 2019 – Outbreak News Today – posted 5/6/19


Worker at Ulele in Tampa tested positive for Hepatitis A but public never told – posted 5/6/19


Clearwater Arby’s food worker tests positive for hepatitis A, No-cost rapid hepatitis C testing in Pinellas – Tampa Dispatch – posted 5/7/19


Hepatitis A Infections Soar in America | Healthiest Communities | US News – posted 5/10/19


Hepatitis A reported in worker at ICON Gentlemen’s Club in Hudson – Tampa Dispatch – posted 5/10/19


Florida reports more than 90 hepatitis A cases last week – Outbreak News Today – posted 5/14/19


South Carolina declares hepatitis A outbreak – Outbreak News Today – posted 5/14/19


Hepatitis A outbreak: Kentucky racks up one-third of deathsposted 5/14/19


New Mexico hepatitis A outbreak tops 100 cases – Outbreak News Today – posted 5/16/19


Sarasota County: Hepatitis A reported in a Duval’s food service worker – Tampa Dispatch – posted 5/20/19


Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Pennsylvania – News – GoErie.com – Erie, PA – posted 5/20/19


Florida reports an additional 90 hepatitis A cases last week – Outbreak News Today – posted 5/29/19



Q Fever added to list.

Q Fever is showing up, so I’ve added it to my page “OLDIES BUT GOODIES IN THE NEWS AND NO VACCINE”

Q Fever? A Bigger Threat to Humans Than Thought – posted 5/23/19



Los Angelos and “Filth” Diseases? Typhoid Fever Now

Today, this article appeared in my feed:

LAPD employee being treated for salmonella typhi, 1 other shows symptoms | abc7.com – Typhoid – posted 5/30/19


Salmonella typhi is Typhoid Fever

L.A. is having some major problems that go back at least several years and seem to be getting worse.

Rats and fleas have infested LA’s City Hall | Daily Mail Online –posted 2/9/19


Typhus Outbreak Strikes Los Angeles, but the City Is Not Alone: Public Health Watch – posted 2/24/19


Long before City Hall rats, L.A. has struggled with the rise of typhus – Los Angeles Times – posted 2/24/19


Invader mosquitoes expected to arrive early – and in droves – this year in Los Angeles and Orange counties – Press Enterprise – posted 3/25/19


LA Homeless Encampment Cleanups: Are Millions of Tax Dollars Being Wasted? | NBC 7 San Diego – posted 5/15/19


Unknown ‘infestation’ closes LAPD jail – Daily News – posted 5/15/19


Unknown Infestation Prompts Closure of LAPD Pacific Station Jail Indefinitely | KNX 1070 – posted 5/15/19


Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a New Epidemic | NBC Southern California – posted 5/21/19


Maybe it is time for L.A. to get it’s own house in order – along with several other big Cities. More info on my page Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas.

Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas

New Virus Found – Alongshan Virus (ALSV)

Researchers in China have identified a new febrile-illness caused by a new, unidentified tick-borne virus. Reports just came out yesterday

A New Segmented Virus Associated with Human Febrile Illness in China | NEJM – posted 5/29/19


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Emerging (and possibly reemerging) Disease Threats

23 and Me or You Never Know What They Will Find!

Did you know that all of those at-home DNA kits can tell you if it is in your DNA to have a negative reaction to Vaccines? That, plus two 30 minute appointments is all it takes to tell you if you will react to a vaccine? 

I am constantly surprised with some of the things (not just vaccines) people come up with to justify their behavior? I have to admit this is sort of original.

SF Anti-Vaccine Doctor Accused Of Using At-Home DNA Tests To Get Kids Exemptions – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/8/19


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