Are We There Yet? Yes We Are!


Back on March 30, 2018, I did my first post about Vaccine Preventable diseases and measles in Europe. On Facebook, I was posting about measles even longer – probably drove some of my friends crazy. I was warning about what was happening with measles in the World and that it would be here next and you now what? I was right.

Now that the Mueller Report is out and we’ve broken the yearly U.S. record for measles cases in FOUR months, the U.S. Press is finally giving it some attention. Hopefully it will be honest reporting and not the overkill they usually reserve for a short time and then forget it,

I will now make another prediction – Mumps and Pertussis will be next. Mumps is already going strong and pertussis case counts are going to increase. Mumps is part of the MMR vaccination, same as measles, while pertussis is part of the tDap vaccine so the anti-vaccines fools will start getting them also.

They are also not talking much about the continuing Hepatitis A Outbreak we are going through in this country, As we get into vacation season and people start travelling, Hepatitis A cases will also increase. Again, a vaccine preventable disease.

In fact, just look out for any “FILTH” disease this summer. The West Coast will especially be hit hard because of their homeless problems, people living in cars and “POOP” littering the streets. 

The Ebola outbreak in Africa is continuing, along with the conflict that is limiting governmental responses,  and might spread this summer.

Dengue Fever is BIG around the globe right now so watch for it to start appearing here.

Lyme’s Disease, West Nile Virus and Zika Virus will be making their appearances with Summer coming soon.

Chagas Disease, from the Triatomie Bug (Kissing Bug) might just be the one that breaks out the most.  The bug is spreading fast and the “Stink Bug” is good example on how fast insects can spread.

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