Are Local Governments Failing Us?

So this article appeared today:

Mass Transit mismanagement could hurt entire state’s federal funding – Hawaii Tribune-Herald


Almost $30,000 in uncounted cash and trip records sit in an unlocked safe in the breakroom at the Mass Transit Agency in January, 2018. (Photo courtesy Hawaii County Legislative Auditor

For SIX years they were supposed to be doing YEARLY reports and they didn’t do it.  Lots of excuses, but the whole State could lose funding over this failure. Council is asking WHY but aren’t they suppose to oversee what is going on in  their government? Will be lots of blame to go around,

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case and not just in Hawaii.

I focus primarily on what I consider to be Public Health issues and, at first glance, some may say “What does this have to do with Public Health?” My reply is that since governments rely on a defined pot of money, where will cuts be made to alleviate any short falls? As many of us know –  Health Departments, Police and Fire Services. These are the front line units of Public Health and they will pay for other agencies mistakes.

I’ve put together a page called “Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas” that shows the issues that have an affect on Public Health in various locations. Not political, but anyone can see certain trends.

View this page at;

Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas

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