Animal Issues that should be talked about on the News.

Indiana State Fair

Cody Timmerman pets his pig as she sleeps in a barn at the Indiana State Fair Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, in Indianapolis. The fair comes to a close on Sunday, Aug. 17. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

As I am writing this, there are literally millions of swine dying or being “culled” (read killed) around the World due to African Swine Fever {ASF) – highly contagious to pigs but not (so far) a threat to humans. As of yet, no spillover to other species, but that can change with one or two mutations of a virus – which does happen. The photo above is an old one and has nothing to do with ASF but it does show the human – swine interaction.

China (and Russia which borders China) seems to have been the flashpoint for this ASF Epidemic and it is spreading in all directions from these areas. Most of Southeast Asia is now reporting ASF cases with cases going further and further westward.

It has scared swine producers so much that army snipers have been deployed in European Countries to kill off the wild boar (also pigs) populations that seem to cause at least some spread of the disease.

Western Hemisphere countries are so afraid that it will spread to here that all unauthorized pork products from Asia have been confiscated and destroyed. Exhibitions, conferences and so on of swine have been cancelled here in the U.S. and elsewhere. It has a lot of people very worried.

Of course, you don’t hear much about this from the American Media because they would rather talk about political crap and not things that are real news. Maybe if the price of bacon goes up they will finally start talking about it.

For further information, check out my page about ASF and other Animal issues such as Chronic Wasting Disease and Newcastle Disease.

LinkAnimal Issues Affecting Humans


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