Are We There Yet? Yes We Are!


Back on March 30, 2018, I did my first post about Vaccine Preventable diseases and measles in Europe. On Facebook, I was posting about measles even longer – probably drove some of my friends crazy. I was warning about what was happening with measles in the World and that it would be here next and you now what? I was right.

Now that the Mueller Report is out and we’ve broken the yearly U.S. record for measles cases in FOUR months, the U.S. Press is finally giving it some attention. Hopefully it will be honest reporting and not the overkill they usually reserve for a short time and then forget it,

I will now make another prediction – Mumps and Pertussis will be next. Mumps is already going strong and pertussis case counts are going to increase. Mumps is part of the MMR vaccination, same as measles, while pertussis is part of the tDap vaccine so the anti-vaccines fools will start getting them also.

They are also not talking much about the continuing Hepatitis A Outbreak we are going through in this country, As we get into vacation season and people start travelling, Hepatitis A cases will also increase. Again, a vaccine preventable disease.

In fact, just look out for any “FILTH” disease this summer. The West Coast will especially be hit hard because of their homeless problems, people living in cars and “POOP” littering the streets. 

The Ebola outbreak in Africa is continuing, along with the conflict that is limiting governmental responses,  and might spread this summer.

Dengue Fever is BIG around the globe right now so watch for it to start appearing here.

Lyme’s Disease, West Nile Virus and Zika Virus will be making their appearances with Summer coming soon.

Chagas Disease, from the Triatomie Bug (Kissing Bug) might just be the one that breaks out the most.  The bug is spreading fast and the “Stink Bug” is good example on how fast insects can spread.

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Are Local Governments Failing Us?

So this article appeared today:

Mass Transit mismanagement could hurt entire state’s federal funding – Hawaii Tribune-Herald


Almost $30,000 in uncounted cash and trip records sit in an unlocked safe in the breakroom at the Mass Transit Agency in January, 2018. (Photo courtesy Hawaii County Legislative Auditor

For SIX years they were supposed to be doing YEARLY reports and they didn’t do it.  Lots of excuses, but the whole State could lose funding over this failure. Council is asking WHY but aren’t they suppose to oversee what is going on in  their government? Will be lots of blame to go around,

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case and not just in Hawaii.

I focus primarily on what I consider to be Public Health issues and, at first glance, some may say “What does this have to do with Public Health?” My reply is that since governments rely on a defined pot of money, where will cuts be made to alleviate any short falls? As many of us know –  Health Departments, Police and Fire Services. These are the front line units of Public Health and they will pay for other agencies mistakes.

I’ve put together a page called “Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas” that shows the issues that have an affect on Public Health in various locations. Not political, but anyone can see certain trends.

View this page at;

Public Health Issues – U.S. Cities, States and Areas

If Enough Bodies Pile Up, Will Anti-Vaccine Individuals Wise Up?

Back on February 9, I posted the following opinion piece from CNN:

Over 109,000 people died from measles in 2017 — needlessly (Opinion) – CNN

I’ve (and many others) hoped that the Anti-vaccine crowd would get the idea that vaccines are safe and beneficial. Unfortunately, this has not happened.

Homeopathy Supplement Peddler’s Despicable Anti-Vaccine Goldmine | American Council on Science and Health – posted 3/23/19

One Doctor Is Responsible for a Third of All Medical Vaccine Exemptions in San Diego – Voice of San Diego – posted 3/23/19

Time to crack down on doctors selling vaccination exemptions | The Sacramento Bee – posted 3/26/19

Bogus medical exemptions sought by anti-vaxxers may get revoked in Calif. – Ars Technica – posted 3/31/19

Randomized controlled trial of homeopathic nosodes finds, not surprisingly, that they are useless – Science-Based Medicine – posted 4/10/19

Anti-vaxxers are refusing to vaccinate their pet DOGS amid claims it can give them autism | Daily Mail Online – posted 4/15/19

(Refusing to vaccinate pets due to fear that they will get autism from the vaccines just kind of stands out as the height of lunacy.)

The Brussels Times – Flemish anti-vaccination doctor will cost lives, says Maggie De Block – posted 4/15/19,-says-maggie-de-block

The Mumps, measles and rubella vaccine has been proven numerous times NOT to cause autism:

Live Attenuated Varicella Virus Vaccine — Efficacy Trial in Healthy Children | NEJM – 1985 – posted 2/25/19

(Note the 1985 article date above)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism | Annals of Internal Medicine | American College of Physicians – posted 3/12/19

A fact that is often overlooked by the Anti-vaccine crowd is just how many people around the world die from vaccine preventable diseases yearly because of a variety of issues preventing vaccination. If you view the sites of organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and so on, you will find photos of the long lines of people trying to get vaccinated in under-developed countries. They see these preventable diseases still killing and scarring friends and family frequently and WANT the protection offered by vaccines for their families.

Measles epidemic: 80,000 cases, nearly 1,000 deaths in Madagascar – Outbreak News Today – posted 3/13/19

Without vaccine, hundreds of children die in Madagascar measles outbreak | Reuters – posted 3/13/19

In more “developed” countries, we are victims of the success of vaccines. We don’t see the diseases, so they aren’t a problem in our daily lives. Unfortunately, to many people, Public Health is for others and not for them – the “ME” syndrome and not the “WE” of the not so distant past. In fact, many try to use discredited science to benefit themselves financially. I once had a neighbor who swore their kid’s autism was caused by vaccines and they joined the massive lawsuit of the nineties to make money. They abused any number of governmental and private agencies to get things for free and didn’t care what people thought of them. Let’s just say there was a long history of drug, alcohol and spousal abuse there which I feel was more likely to have caused the kid’s autism and not any vaccine he received. This study appeared recently to back up my belief:

Major Study Finds Pregnancy Issue Actually Linked to Autism, And It’s Not Vaccines – posted 3/21/19

My belief is that kid was a victim of very bad parents and not vaccines.

Science has not helped in this as Science (or the people involved in science) is not pure anymore. As with other disciplines, base human desires have frequently perverted science in the desire to achieve “Fame and Fortune”. Even when discredited, the effects of bad science continue to affect daily life.

Public Health is no longer “pure” either. What was for the good of all has become a continuation of what is “Politically Correct” and is used by Politicians to further their own agendas and not what is good for all. Political appointees make sure that their benefactors agendas are followed – regardless of who gets hurt.  And when the budget axe falls, Public Health, along with Police and Fire, are the first to be cut back.

the battle between vaccines and those not caring about the Public Health will rage on unabated. It may all change when enough permanent injuries or deaths from vaccine preventable diseases occur that there will be no choice but to forcibly vaccinate everyone – and it already starting to occur:

Israeli flight attendant in coma after getting measles – posted 4/10/19

El Al stewardess, 10 year old child – in coma after contracting measles | The Jerusalem post – posted 4/20/19


Infant dies in 1st whooping cough-related fatality in Orange County since 2007 – Orange County Register – posted 4/20/19

Florida: Martin County hepatitis A, Vermont death – Outbreak News Today – posted 4/15/19

For more information about vaccine preventable diseases follow this link:

VACCINE Preventable Diseases In The News

For more information about the Anti-vaccine threat follow this link:

The Cost of the Anti-Vaccine Movement




The Cost of the Anti-Vaccine Movement


Link: The Anti-Vaccine Movement – The Cost and Fact Before Fiction

One thing that I feel should be emphasised over and over again is the necessity of vaccinations. As a strong advocate of the Public Health and Public Good, I reject the Anti-vaccine nonsense out there.

Before the MMR was available, my mother was pregnant with my youngest sister and had the “German Measles” (Rubella}. My sister was born with defects caused by Rubella – inner ears did not develop and learning disabilities. She is still suffering to this day and was forced to live with my parents and the rest of the family because of her disabilities.

My daughter had chickenpox before the vaccine became available and, although no permanent disabilities, was totally miserable throughout the course of the virus. I cannot understand why anyone would put their child through that misery just to prove a point on their beliefs.

As a retired U.S. Navy Corpsman, former police officer and Director/Executive Director of a variety of Nonprofit organizations, I’ve seen various diseases and what they can do to people. It’s not nice. I’ve also seen the various “Generational” groupings over the past decades – the Hippies, the “Me” Generations and so on. I’ve seen the blurring of a lot of “Lines” and while most are good for society, some are very harmful.

Today’s Anti-vaccine Crusades are bad for individuals and the society as a whole. In underdeveloped countries they wait in long lines to be vaccinated because they still see what are being called Medieval diseases ravaging among their neighbors, friends and family on an almost daily occurrence. Here, some people are basically scamming the gullible who feel that their “rights” are being infringed on due to governmental policies requiring vaccines. They seem to have forgotten that Public Health laws are for the good of the society as a WHOLE and not for the individual. Maybe this year will wake up a few people.

As for the people who are making money off of these gullible individuals, well they should lose their ill-gotten gains because they ARE stealing by peddling falsehoods and quake medicines. They should also do jail time for theft and pay for anyone hurt by their deceit. Every claim made by Anti-vaccine advocates have been debunked and shown to be wrong – and yet they keep believing them. Makes you wonder how bad mental health services have become here.

Here’s some literature for you to look at to make informed decisions:


The nightmarish tale of what happened to a child who wasn’t vaccinated

An Unvaccinated Boy Got Tetanus. His Oregon Hospital Stay: 57 Days and $800,000. – The New York Times

Master herbalist’ on trial in diabetic LA boy’s death for convincing family to not use insulin |

Over 109,000 people died from measles in 2017 – posted 2/25/19

2019 Could Be Worst Year for Measles in U.S. for 30 Years: ‘We’re Losing Ground to a Disease That Once Killed Millions’ – posted 2/25/19

Measles epidemic: 80,000 cases, nearly 1,000 deaths in Madagascar – Outbreak News Today – posted 3/13/19

Without vaccine, hundreds of children die in Madagascar measles outbreak | Reuters – posted 3/13/19

A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact on Public Health – The New York Times – posted 2/25/19

Those who know least about autism more likely to be anti-MMR, finds US study | HeraldScotland   – posted 2/25/19

Antivaxxers and the Plague of Science Denial | Psychology Today – posted 2/25/19

Anti-Vaccine Leader Scared His Financial Misdeeds will be Exposed | Katie Joy – posted 2/25/19

The Myth of Vaccine Shedding – Science-Based Medicine – posted 3/13/19

That should give you a start on what it is really about.

Animal Issues that should be talked about on the News.

Indiana State Fair

Cody Timmerman pets his pig as she sleeps in a barn at the Indiana State Fair Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, in Indianapolis. The fair comes to a close on Sunday, Aug. 17. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

As I am writing this, there are literally millions of swine dying or being “culled” (read killed) around the World due to African Swine Fever {ASF) – highly contagious to pigs but not (so far) a threat to humans. As of yet, no spillover to other species, but that can change with one or two mutations of a virus – which does happen. The photo above is an old one and has nothing to do with ASF but it does show the human – swine interaction.

China (and Russia which borders China) seems to have been the flashpoint for this ASF Epidemic and it is spreading in all directions from these areas. Most of Southeast Asia is now reporting ASF cases with cases going further and further westward.

It has scared swine producers so much that army snipers have been deployed in European Countries to kill off the wild boar (also pigs) populations that seem to cause at least some spread of the disease.

Western Hemisphere countries are so afraid that it will spread to here that all unauthorized pork products from Asia have been confiscated and destroyed. Exhibitions, conferences and so on of swine have been cancelled here in the U.S. and elsewhere. It has a lot of people very worried.

Of course, you don’t hear much about this from the American Media because they would rather talk about political crap and not things that are real news. Maybe if the price of bacon goes up they will finally start talking about it.

For further information, check out my page about ASF and other Animal issues such as Chronic Wasting Disease and Newcastle Disease.

LinkAnimal Issues Affecting Humans