Current Disease Outbreaks

Not hearing too much about these Outbreaks from the American Media.  


Link to page: Emerging (and possibly emerging) Disease Threats

Chikungunya – W.H.O. Fact Sheet



Chikungunya outbreak in Kasala State, Sudan – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Chikungunya Outbreak in Sudan – posted 10/3/18

“Sudan reports outbreak of mosquito-borne Chikungunya disease in eastern state” –

Chikungunya epidemic in eastern Sudan: ‘25 deaths in three days’ | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18

Chikungunya patients moved ‘to influence numbers’ in Kassala hospitals | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18

People are dying’: Thousands struck down in Sudan by mosquito-borne fever | Middle East Eye – posted 10/3/18

Chikungunya numbers spike in Sudan’s Kassala | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18

Chikungunya ‘spreading in Sudan’; Kassala reopens schools | Radio Dabanga – posted 10/3/18


Link to Page:  Filth Diseases

Cholera -W.H.O. Fact Sheet

nigeria-administrative-map  graphi-ogre-yemen-political-wall-map.jpg  Zimbabwe-political-map

Nigeria                        Yemen                        Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak update: ‘Evolving rapidly and affecting mainly Harare City’ – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Cholera outbreak: ‘We are living in fear…authorities are not doing enough,’ residents say | News24 – posted 9/22/18

Cholera kills 97 in Nigeria’s northeast | News24 – posted 9/24/18

Zimbabwe merely ‘postpones’ cholera outbreak | News24 – posted 9/24/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [State-wide], State of Yobe, Nigeria on September 22 2018 04:06 AM – Cholera – posted 10/3/18

Cholera outbreak in Nigeria′s northeast kills nearly 100 | News | DW | 22.09.2018 – posted 10/3/18

Cholera crisis signals deeper problems for Zimbabwe | News24 – posted 10/3/18

Cholera outbreak death toll rises to 48 in Zimbabwe – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Zimbabwe in huge cholera vaccination drive after 49 deaths – posted 10/3/18


Link to Page: Emerging (and possibly emerging) Disease Threats

Dengue and severe dengue – W.H.O. Fact Sheet

thailand-map   Mexico-map

Thialand               Mexico

Thailand dengue cases top 50,000 – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/2/18

Thailand dengue: Warning issued for Bangkok – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Doctor at Philippine Children’s Medical Center dies of severe dengue – posted 9/22/18

Docs doing research as deadly new dengue strain of disease hits city – posted 10/2/18

Thailand dengue death count now 80, chikungunya warning issued – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Mexico: Dengue cases rise in Chiapas – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18


Link to Page:  Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses

Ebola virus disease – W.H.O. Fact Sheet


Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda

The Big Wobble: The new Ebola outbreak could to be the worst ever seen because area is surrounded by Ugandan Islamist militias and can’t be reached – posted 9/5/18

New Ebola cases, 3 more deaths recorded in DRC | CIDRAP – posted 9/19/18

Congo confirms Ebola case at Ugandan border | Reuters – posted 9/22/18

RSOE EDIS – Situation update No. 16. Epidemic Hazard event in Democratic Republic of the Congo on September 24 2018 05:17 AM – War and Ebola – posted 9/24/18

-WHO concerned about Ebola “perfect storm” in Congo – The East African – posted 10/2/18

Rebel Conflict Escalates Concern Over DRC Ebola Outbreak – posted 10/2/18

More DRC Ebola cases as risk raised to ‘very high’ | CIDRAP – posted 10/3/18

Ebola Likely to Spread From Congo to Uganda, W.H.O. Says – The New York Times – posted 10/3/18

DRC reports 4 more Ebola cases over the weekend | CIDRAP – posted 10/3/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in Bundibugyo, Western Uganda, Uganda on September 30 2018 05:24 AM – Ebola – posted 10/3/18

New Ebola cases highlight challenges in DRC | CIDRAP – posted 10/3/18

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