Anti-vaccers thrilled as measles epidemic continues to spread across Europe


Obviously Sarcasm (I Hope!)

I have had most of the vaccinations given to kids in the 50’s & 60’s. I had all of the vaccinations required by the military in the 70’s through 90’s. I get the yearly flu shot, the pneumonia shots, the Shingles vaccinations, the swine flu shot of the 70’s or 80’s and so on. I’m still here and still functioning.

My mother, while pregnant with my youngest sister, had the “German Measles” and my sister’s inner ears never developed and she has been disabled all of her life.  My son developed meningitis at age 4, but recovered.

Yes, I am an advocate for vaccinations and I make NOTHING from anybody for being pro-vaccination.

Right now there is an outbreak of measles throughout most the world – mostly in unvaccinated people.  Here in the United States there are 21 States with active measles cases. The CDC has not called it an epidemic yet, but they will.

People (some) DO DIE from the measles. My measles vaccinations are decades old, so I stand a chance of getting measles.

The Anti-vaccine shrills are making the money they claim “Big Pharma” is getting.

Edgar Allen Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” is still appropriate today.

VACCINE Preventable   Link to my page

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