I Strongly Dislike Canadian Geese.

I have a lot of problems with Non-migratory geese in my yard and I strongly dislike them. Don’t get me wrong – I love nature and all of the birds and critters who visit – I just dislike Canadian Geese and Voles. The various Migratory Bird Laws have worked too well in the case of Canadian Geese and a large percentage of them no longer Migrate – they stay around all year and leave their excrement everywhere. Excrement that can harbor a variety of diseases.

This Non-Migratory goose problem has gotten so bad in a number of areas that some State Governments now have special Non-Migratory hunting dates for what are rapidly becoming Nuisance birds. Pennsylvania has four (4) Goose hunting periods and 3 of time are specifically for Resident Population Goose Zones (RP).

I’m tired of stepping in goose poop.

Diseases that Canada Geese Carry | Ohio Geese Control



Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)Public Health

Fresh canada goose dropping




2017-18 WATERFOWL SEASONS SET – Pennsylvania


Study of bacteria inside guts of wild Canada geese shows greater danger than earlier studies exposed | Smithsonian Insider


Why Presque Isle’s Beach 11 has seen high E.coli counts – posted 8/21/18



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